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    Borjomi Hotels & Guesthouses                               

Hotel Motion, Borjomi, Georgia      
  Hotels in Borjomi


  Hotel Motion in Borjomi

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  Hotel "Motion" in Borjomi is newly constructed and with an European standard of service. The hotel has 8 spacious and comfortable guest rooms.  more...
Hotel Borjomi, Georgia   Hotels in Borjomi


  Hotel Borjomi in Borjomi

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  Hotel "Borjomi" in Borjomi, is a clean and nice old wooden house, completely renovated. The hotel is located in the centre, next to the museum.  more...
Hotel Tbilisi, Borjomi, Georgia   Hotels in Borjomi


  Hotel Tbilisi in Borjomi

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  Hotel "Tbilisi". It is one of the largest hotels in Borjomi. It is located very close to the Borjomi Park.   more...
Hotel Victoria, Borjomi, Georgia   Hotels in Borjomi


  Hotel Victoria Panorama in Borjomi

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  The new hotel "Victoria Panorama" corresponding to the European standarts is located in the centre of the wellknown resort Borjomi Its special location gives you the chance to admire the view of the unique Borjomi gorge.  more...
Hotel Victoria, Borjomi, Georgia   Hotels in Borjomi


  Hotel Victoria in Borjomi

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  Hotel "Victoria" is located in resort Borjomi, in a privately owned two-storey house, near Borjomi Park.  more...
Hotel Plato, Borjomi, Georgia   Hotels in Borjomi


  Hotel Plato in Borjomi

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  Hotel "Plato" is a sport complex, which consists of 3 dwelling buildings, each with double and triple rooms.   more...
Hotel Borjomi-Baghi, Borjomi, Georgia   Hotels in Borjomi


  Hotel Borjomi-Baghi in Borjomi

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  Health rehabilitation complex "Borjomi Bagi" is located in XIX centuries dates building, belonging to Romanovs' Royal family. more...
Guesthouse, Borjomi, Georgia   Hotels in Borjomi


  Guesthouse in Borjomi

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  "Guesthouse" in Borjomi is one of the most nice places to spend the holidays.   more...
Hotel Borjomis Kheoba, Borjomi, Georgia   Hotels in Borjomi


  Hotel Borjomis Kheoba Borjomi

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  The Physical Rehabilitation Center "Borjomis Kheoba" (Borjomi Gorge) continues incorporated traditions of physical rehabilitation in Borjomi.  more...

About Borjomi
Borjomi is a resort place in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, which is primarily known for its mineral water, which occupies a leading position among Georgia’s export production. The city is situated on both banks of the Kura(Mtkvari) River in the Borjomi gorge at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. The population is 14 million people. The city's name is interpreted as the name of the fortress "Borj" and Georgian word "Omi"-war.
Unfortunately, in the middle ages, the Georgian people constantly had to defend it from the many invasions. Spring water Borjomi was known in antiquity which approved by the discovery of 7 stone baths belonging to the first millennium BC. e. Archaeologists have found that in ancient times the mineral water was used for bathing, not for drinking. There are many theories, but so far scientists discuss different versions, Borjomi residents tell tourists this beautiful story. An ancient legend tells of a magical deer, which you can find at the mineral water bottle decor. During the hunting, the young soldiers wounded the deer. Hunters start to chase the animal up to blood trail and later have stunned with the seen picture - a deer darted into the unknown source of the water and jumped on the other side, a perfectly healthy and unharmed.

In the middle of 19th century the mineral waters became so popular that the governor of Russian Tsar in the Caucasus brought in Borjomi his daughter, suffering from an unknown illness. Borjomi water really came up princess, and in honor of this recovery the governor has named the spring- Katerina’s spring as his daughter’s name. In 1850, in the city was built Mineral Water Park, and a few years later, has started construction of the first plant for casting magic mineral water under the patronage of Mikhail Romanov, which functioned until the 50s of the 20th century, regularly performing their functions and the first glass factory where the bottles are blown by hand until 1950.

On the surface of the earth mineral water comes from a depth of 8-10 km, due to the pressure of natural carbon dioxide. The source did not have time to cold up therefore comes to the surface still warm (approx. 38-41 ° C), and the path is enriched with 60 different minerals contained in the rock formations.

Borjomi Gorge were often visited by famous people such as the composer Tchaikovsky, so beloved by our theatergoers Chekhov, Stalin, and in addition the Romanov royal family, which has in Borjomi own residence. One of the most romantic town legends is associated with Nicholay Mikhailovich Romanov, one of the seven heirs of the Great Emperor. Grand Duke had romantic feelings for the palace curator young Mrs. Barbara. In order to save the reputation of Barbara lovers met only after the a secret sign - on the roof of Nicholay residence should be put bannerette.

If the bannerette has been raised, it is meant for the Barbarians free road to the beloved. According the rumors the affair lasted until 1917, after which the prince was to leave Russia and Georgia, and Barbara rested in Georgia, and until her death was a faithful caretaker of the Romanov’s villa. A collection of items belonging to the royal family - books, photographs, albums, Barbara was saved from the attacks of the Bolsheviks. After her death, to the museum was moved just one picture. Maybe just to honor this history, one of the many suspension bridges of Borjomi called the bridge of love.
During the Soviet period, the former royal residence became the Kremlin's top officials place.

The main Christian attractions of Borjomi Gorge are the Churches of Serafim Sarofsky and Green Monastery. The church was named Seravim Sarofsky and erected recently thanks to the efforts of Bishop Seraphim of Borjomi and Bakuriani, who also took part in the painting of the church. Under a canopy near the church is a large prayer stone, and copy of St. Serafim’s cell with the holy Mother of God icon. Borjomi residents and visitors come here with pleasure: for praying or simply to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and unmatched forest landscapes. Near the prayer stone is inscribed with the words St. Seraviof about Iberia - the inheritance of the Mother of God. In the meadow are located cell and a well.

Green Monastery is a small quiet church, which consists of two stone premises and plank outbuildings. In the chapel are stored relics of the saints.

A favorite place to spend time with children became Borjomi Park, which is equipped with modern attractions and cafes. In the heat of the summer you can have a great time, dine and drink the famous Borjomi. Therapy air, coniferous and mixed forests, mineral water and miracle mountain panorama attract a lot of visitors to Borjomi gorge!

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