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Batumi Hotels & Guesthouses

Concord Travel Partner Hotels in Batumi
Hotel Intourist, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Intourist in Batumi


  Hotel "Intourist Palace" is a modern Hotel, situated in central part of Batumi, 5 minutes walking distance from sea shore and Central Boulevard.  [...]
Hotel Intourist, Batumi, hotels in Batumi  


  Hotel Sheraton in Batumi


  Hotel "Sheraton in Batumi" the Newly built Sheraton Batumi offers comfortable surroundings with direct beach access and friendly service. Located on the seafront of the Black Sea, the hotel is a local landmark, and only a 15 minute drive away from Batumi .  [...]
Hotel Intourist, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Radisson Blu in Batumi


  5 * Newest Hotel Radisson Blu in Batumi is located in the centre of Batumi. Hotel has the ideal location for business and leisure guests. Hotel is designed by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi.   [...]
Hotel Intourist, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  President Plaza Hotel in Batumi


  President Plaza Hotel combines elegance with luxurious amenities and services President Plaza Hotel stands as a unique meeting and dining destination with two distinctive restaurants   [...]
Hotel Rcheuli Villa, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Rcheuli Villa in Batumi


  Charming boutique hotel "Rcheuli Villa" is situated in Old Batumi and is a few minutes walking from the very-well known seaside park "Boulevard".[...]
Hotel Galogre, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Galogre in Batumi


  Two buildings of O. GALOGRE Hotel are constructed in the Centre of Old Batumi in front of the Orthodox Church in 1996-2000 years by well-known businessman and Maecenas Oleg Galogre. He restored the Saint Nicholas Church also.[...]
Hotel Marina, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Marina in Batumi


  The tourist center  Marina is located right on the Batumi beach. The distance from the Batumi`s center 2km Hotel has got 56 rooms among them 6 singles, 48 doubles and 2 suites.[...]
Hotel Sanapiro, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Sanapiro in Batumi


  Hotel "Sanapiro" in Batumi.[...]
Hotel Premier, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Premier in Batumi


  Hotel "Premier" was opened in Batumi in 2009. It is  one of the most Luxury hotels  in Batumi.  "Premier" is situated around 500 m from sea. The hotel has the maximum comfort with modern conveniences, the open and closed car parking and car washing.[...]
Hotel Elegant, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Elegant in Batumi


  Hotel "Elegant" is a very beautiful private hotel in Batumi. This is the mini-museum of art. You will be charmed of great taste and hospitality of the hostess.  [...]
Hotel city star, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel City Star in Batumi


  "City Star"-is a new, comfortable, business class hotel. It is situated in the central part of Batumi near the sea. Calm and cosy situation for pleasant rest and business visits is guaranteed for you at our hotel.   [...]
Hotel chao, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Chao in Batumi


  Hotel "Chao" is located at the main street of the town, not 200 meters away from the sea. Here is Dolphinaium and Nuri Lake nearby, which is a resort for rest and entertainment that attracts both youngsters and seniors.   [...]
Hotel Monte Carlo, Batumi
  Hotel Monte Carlo in Batumi


  Hotel "Monte Carlo" is a boutique type hotel. It offers 9 room of studio type. There are 5 standard 3 deluxe and 1 suite.   [...]
Hotel Light house, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Light House in Batumi


  Hotel "Light House" is a newest hotel in Batumi, with modern, stylish and tasty design. It has a very nice small garden.   [...]
Hotel Light House, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Ritsa in Batumi


  Hotel "Ritsa" is located in one of the most comfortable part of old Batumi.  [...]
Batumi Hotel - Mercury
  Hotel Mercury in Batumi


  Hotel "Mercury" is located in the central part of the old Batumi city. It is the five stored comfortable hotel. [...]
Batumi Hotel - Mercury
  Hotel Marani in Batumi


  Hotel "Marani" located in the center of of Batumi, about 15 minutes walk from the coast. The hotel's location is a profitable opportunity for guests to have sightseeing of the old part of town. [...]
Hotel David, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel David in Batumi


  Hotel "David" is situated in central Batumi. The location of this 3 storied building enables tourists to reach the sea shores in 5 minutes.   [...]
Hotel Sputnik, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Satellite in Batumi


  Hotel "Satellite" is located on the little mountain nearby Batumi city. Only 5 minutes is needed to get to Batumi Port.  [...]
Hotel Mgzavrebi, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Mgzavrebi in Batumi


  Hotel "Mgzavrebi" is located in the center of beautiful town Batumi . It is 5 flour building. In all rooms you will feel yourself like in your home. All rooms includes kitchen with microwave. Only 5 minutes walking to Batumi beach.[...]
Hotel Solomon Palace, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Solomon Palace in Batumi


  "Solomon Palace" hotel is located in the central part of Batumi city, in 15 minutes walking distance from the sea shores.  [...]
Hotel L Bakuri, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel L Bakuri in Batumi


  "Hotel L-Bakuri" in Batumi is proud to offer you the best hotel  services.[...]
Hotel Voyage, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Voyage in Batumi


  The location of the hotel "Voyage"  is very suitable for tourists, because it is situated in the center of Batumi[...]
Hotel Mari, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Mari in Batumi


  Hotel "Mari" is  new modern style building with 7 floors. It is located  1 km away from Batumi beach[...]
Hotel Tsereteli, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Tsereteli in Batumi


  The hotel Tsereteli  is situated in the central part of Batumi. 300 m away  from Batumi`s beach.  Hotel has 12 apartments. In the hotel's  bar you find different cocktails and other drinks. there is also a "Beauty Salon" and solarium. [...]
Hotel Lux, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Lux in Batumi


  The hotel Lux is situated in the central part of Batumi. 300 m away  from Batumi's beach.  Hotel has 10 apartments [...]
Hotel Revazi, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Revazi in Batumi


  Hotel "Revazi" is located in the center of Batumi, near the Archeological Museum, 500 m away from the beach.   [...]
Hotel Boni, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Boni in Batumi


  Hotel "Boni" is  big comfortable hotel in Batumi. It has 41 numbers and big conference  room for 60 person. Hotel situated around 500 m away from the sea. [...]
Hotel Ankara, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Ankara in Batumi


  Hotel "Ankara" in Batumi.   [...]
Hotel Amirani, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Amirani in Batumi


  Hotel "Amirani" is very cosy hotel in Batumi. [...]
Hotel Salome, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Salome in Batumi


  Hotel "Salome" is located in the center of Batumi City. There are the comfortable rooms with bathrooms, TV and air-conditioners.[...]
Hotel Gueshouse Lux, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Guesthouse Lux in Batumi


  Hotel-Guesthouse "Lux" in Batumi.[...]
Hotel Apsaros, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Apsaros in Batumi


  This is an exotic Turkish hotel with beautiful garden and a very good Turkish restaurant, famous in all over Batumi.  [...]
Hotel Era Palace, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Era Palace in Batumi


  In center of Batumi, at one of the most main streets of the city is located hotel "Era Palace". From the hotel you will easily reach any place of the city.   [...]
Other Hotels in Batumi
Hotel G Bakuri, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel G Bakuri in Batumi


  Hotel G-BAKURI, located in the center of Batumi. 300 meters from Batumi's  seaside. It's  a four floor building with 28 rooms for your comfortable holiday.[...]
Hotel Alik, Batumi, hotels in Batumi
  Hotel Alik in Batumi


  Hotel "Alik", located in the center of Batumi. the Black Sea is within a short walking distance, as well as many restaurants, shopping areas and interesting places to visit. The beauty and Mediterranean feel of Batumi will fill you with delight and wonderful memories. [...]

Batumi means attracted subtropics, turquoise sea and great beaches, numerous hotels and ancient sightseeing make the city unique and desirable for tourists.

Batumi today is a modern European resort with a beautiful boulevard. Here you can get the pleasure with roller skating or biking. All buildings and premises are effectively enlightened in night time. Festivals, concerts of world-known star are waiting for their visitors. In the famous Dolphinarium tickets for the shows are sold out with a bang! Children and adults watch performances with great pleasure. Modern futuristic design and installation along with the old part of Batumi, including colonial architecture, which are adjacent to each other and complement the overall unique atmosphere of the city, where merged into a unified harmony styles, cultures and religions of different countries and peoples.
Especially the city looks fantastic at night under color lights, laser installations and street lights. Conventional buildings converted into luxury palaces.

On that occasion be sure to visit Petra Fortress, which dates back to the early feudal era, and founded by Byzantine military commander Joann Tsibe. The castle was crossed by important trade route of that time, connecting several states: Byzantium, Persia, Georgia, Armenia, and others.
Ancient city’s ruins are in Tsikhisdziri village. A lot of legends are connected with this fortress.
Different artifacts have been found in the fortress at different times which become the property of ceramic, coins and weapons collections of the museum. At the city-fortress territory remains ruins of the V century Basilica, marble and stone buildings parts from IV-V centuries, as well as fragments of a beautiful mosaic. One of artifacts of Petra disposal, discovered in 1908 (large crystal in a gold frame) is stored in the Hermitage in St-Petersburg. From the fortress was controlled all the shipping industry of the Byzantine Empire in the direction of the eastern Black Sea coast. Persia and Byzantium have always competed for control of Petra, and both knew that this depended on their economic and political situation in the region. This became one of the causes of the war between them in the middle of the 6th century, and later between Turkey and Russia in 18-19 cc. The total exhibition area of the museum and the fortress covers 100 sq.m², with about 8,000 exhibits.

Batumi Botanical Garden covers an area of 111 hectares and is located near the village with the beautiful name - Green Cape. This is one of the largest botanical gardens of the former Soviet Union. In order to see around the whole garden is not enough even a whole day. There are different departments: department of humid subtropical, New Zealand, Australian, Asiatic, South American, Mexican and Mediterranean department and others. A collection of flora includes about 5 thousand species and varieties.

Adjarian Kitchen was formed under influence of several cuisines, including Muslim, so dishes are fat and caloric and are prepared with different kinds of melted butter. Black Sea and mountain rivers rich with fish caused a variety of fish dishes. Only this region is characterized by spicy and delicious “Borano”, “Chirbuli”, “Sinori”, etc. But the specialty and visit card of Batumi of course are the Adjarian khachapuri –special type of cheese-pie with shape of ship. If you not try them, you will not feel the spirit of Adjara.


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