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Regions of Georgia

The main part of the administrative region - Samtskhe -Javakheti was once the historic Meskhetia. This area was inhabited by Georgian tribes. Here existed   a kingdom, which in the III century BC was ruled by the king Parsman. Meskhetia since ancient times was a place of the invasion of enemies. In the XIX century Javakheti, as well as other regions became part of the Russian Empire.
Samtskhe-Javakheti region is rich of cultural - architectural monuments. The most famous monument is - Vardzia, it is a city carved in the rock. With Vardzija are associated many interesting legends and history, especially about the Queen Tamar. There is also a beautiful fortress: Khertvisi (X c), Atskuri (IX), Tmogvi (X - XI centuries). There is the monastery of Sapara, which was established in the tenth century, the residence of a noble family Jakeli.
This region is rich in balneological resort and spa mineral waters. The famous resort of Borjomi is located at 900 m above sea level. This resort is well known for healing properties outside the country. In Borjomi was the summer residence of the Romanovs in the XIX century and early XX century.  Borjomi is visited by many famous people including the kings of the Russian Empire, Maxim Gorky, Tchaikovsky, etc. The Bakuriani ski resort is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. To date, this resort has a global significance. Therefore Borjomi - Bakuriani is rightly considered a contender for the venue for the Winter Olympics.
Abastumani resort where are: tube sanatorium Astrophysical Observatory.
In Javakheti originates longest river in Georgia - Mtkvari.
Come and relax in this beautiful place of Georgia...

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