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Folklore of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani folklore is extensive and diverse in terms of genres . The heroic epos is represented by poems called dastans among which the most known and significant "Kyor-Ogly" (Kyuroglu) epos is widespread in some nations of the Middle East and Central Asia . The image of Kyoroglu symbolizes the national ideal of a just ruler, a fearless warrior tyrant-fighter.
Folklore of Azerbaijan  

Especially beautiful are romantic dastans "Asli and Kehrem", "Ashig-Gahrib" . Besides distants Azerbaijani folklore is rich in such genres as songs (sung during work, ceremonies, and house chores doing), legends, fairy tales, jokes (lyatifa) , proverbs, by-words, riddles. All these pieces of folk art were created by ashug singers - wandering poets-storytellers, folk singers. They wandered from town to town performing on main squares. They played string

Folklore of Azerbaijan  

instruments and sang folk songs, or told eposes, poems, stories. Ashugs were a popular kind of entertainment for both commons and aristocrats.
Ahug poetry is a distinctive form of Azerbaijani folk art


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