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Sightseeing Flight

Cessna 182   “Cessna 182”

It is the deftest one among the long distance ligh airplanes for.

Becas   “Becas

Intended for the passenger, load, sport and training flights.

Mi-8 Helicopter   “Mi 8”
The "Mi-8" is the world's second most-produced helicopter and is used by over 50 countries.

Comfort, Safety, Reliability

Sightseeing Flight, Georgia   Sightseeing Flight, Georgia
Sightseeing Flight, Georgia   Sightseeing Flight, Georgia
Sightseeing Flight, Georgia   Sightseeing Flight, Georgia




Fly and enjoy with the                  landscapes of Georgia!

You can spend unforgettable time with us.

You need only 25 minutes to fly over Saguramo, Jvari, Sveticxoveli, you will see the lake of Bazaleti, Ksani iand Aragvi gorge, Sioni and Zhinvali reservoir, enjoy with Coucasuse glacier, mountain ringe and canyons.

Caucasus is unique region with numbers of landscapes and contrasting . From the desert of  to subtropics of Adjara it takes more than one hour.

You need only 2 hours to see central Caucasus, Tetnuldi, Shkhara , or in suth Georgia plateau of Javakheti, lake Paravani, Tabackuri and Akhalkalaki.

To see Alaverdi, Gremi and Shuamta need less than an hour, and what is the main: you are able to change flight plan in the air, though everything safety. You can fly in Kurdghelauli Airport and enjoy with sightseeing of the Alazani valley.

Sightseeing Flight


   Distance  Flight Duration
    Batumi 278 km 1,20 h.


60 km 0,5 h.
    Poti 250 km 1 h.
    Tusheti 100 km 1 h.
    Kutaisi 210 km 0,40 h.
    Khevsureti 110 km 0,30 h.
    Ambrolauri 157 km 0,50 h.
    Mestia 245 km 2,3 h.
    Sachkhere 145 km 0,30 h.



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