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Sighnaghi, Love City   Love City from UP

Concord Travel gives you a great chance to enjoy flying over Sighnaghi, Love City.

Ananauri Castle   What if ...
What are the flights you remember? The ones you enjoyed the most.

Discover freedom of the sky!

Paragliding in Georgia, Caucasus
Paragliding in Georgia, Caucasus
Paragliding in Georgia, Caucasus
Paragliding in Georgia, Caucasus
Paragliding in Georgia, Caucasus

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport. It is the same freedom that hang glider pilots have, but a paraglider is more portable and a little easier to learn fly. Paragliding is not limited to upland environments.

Tow launching, the launch technique use in the flatlands, uses en engine–driven winch to pull pilots aloft where they search for lift like their hill flying friends.

We strongly advise pilots under training to join, or at least get in touch with us as soon as possible you don’t have to wait to get qualified.

The pilots there will be keen to help you get started. It has extremely beautiful scenery, since you’ re looking at the large lake and behind it you see Tbilisi.

Alpine conditions can be found in Bakuriani and Gudauri. There are two sites close to Tbilisi.

One is close to Rustavi, the other is to the northeast of the Tbilisi Sea. All the sites can be useful for dynamic flying if the wind is right.


Tandem Paragliding-

A Wing Built For Two

Tandem flights use a wing large enough to hold two people, an instructor and passenger. Each person has own harness which are attached together, with the passenger in front, and the pilot right behind. Once we are soaring, the pilot can easily talk to the passenger and explain how to control the paraglider. If the conditions are right and passenger is willing, the pilot can turn the controls over the passenger and let them experience what it is like to fly an empowered craft. Bring your camera because this is an experience you will not forget! Tandem flights
usually last around 30 minutes.

Tandem flights are a great introduction into the sport, or just something exciting to do similar to skydiving or bungee jumping, only the rush lasts for the entire flight, and you can be in control! Tandems are also useful for beginner and intermediate pilots to brush up on skills, maneuvers, or thermal technique.

Paragliding in Georgia, Caucasus


Para- gliding Motor- gliding  Take off from
    Sighnaghi   v 500 m
   Tbilisi Sea v v 1000 m
    Rustavi v v 800 m
    Gudauri v   2000 m
    Bakuriani v   1800 m
    Tianeti v   1800 m
    Svaneti v   2500 m






  If you are interested in paragliding lessons or in taking an tandem flight with an instructor, contact Concord Travel.