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Regions of Georgia

Samegrelo - one of the richest and most beautiful regions of Georgia. Its ancient history is made even more attractive this region. Samegrelo is Located between several rivers: Tshenisttskali, Rioni Tekhura and also borders the Black Sea.
People have their own language in Samegrelo. The first theater'' Othello'' was performed here and specifically in the village Bandza. Samegrelo can boast with the old monuments. For the example the monastery of Martvili. It beautiful medieval monument and its very interesting history not leave anyone indifferent. At the first period at the site of the monastery was a huge tree of oak, which was a symbol of fertility and reproduction, it was called Chkondideli.  Andrew the first preached Christianity in this region and after this oak was felled by his order and in this place was built the first church. Already in the tenth century, King George II had added new constructions and expanded the church, and then it was renamed as Martvili monastery.
In Samegrelo, more precisely, in the city of Zugdidi, exists famous palace - museum noble family - Dadian. The museum features unique exhibits: ancient bronze items, as well as exhibits of the feudal era, the religious items, and clothing. There is a robe of the Virgin Mary in the palace-museum. It is worth noting items of French culture, paintings, monuments, relics of the grandson of King of Naples, who was married to the daughter of David Dadian. The palace has a botanical garden, with the incredible beauty.
There is a one of the oldest places in Samegrelo it is called - Nokalakevi, it is located on the right bank of the river Tekhura. The scientists believe that here existed the city of Aia, from that city Argonauts had stolen the Golden Fleece. It is the oldest city, which was discovered during archaeological excavations. Here you can see the followings: a small church, baths, ceramic and bronze jewelry and so on. The town consisted of three parts and was surrounded by a huge fence.
Come to Mingrelia, visit ancient historical sites, enjoy the incredible nature, the hospitality of the local people, you will never forget this trip.

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