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Why is bio-Saperavi considered to be unique? Naturally, every wine made from any variety of grapes produced free of chemicals, with only natural fertilizations and using traditional methods and bio-technologies is valuable itself. Though, some varieties of vine do not need treatment at all and their production do not require as labor and special care as one of the ancient varieties of vine - Saperavi. It is distinguished by quantity of tannins. This tanning substance called even "soul of red wine" specifies not only depth of wine taste... Scientists discovered that tannins are antioxidants that shrink free radicals in body and prevent human aging process. Moreover, moderate consumption of wine containing tannins reduces probability of heart-vascular system diseases by 30 percent, for this substance clears blood vessels from "bad" cholesterol. If adding to these incomparable and unique properties of Saperavi, it will become easily understandable how valuable liquid is hiding in the bottle labeled as "Bio-Saperavi"...