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      Cultural Tours                                    

  Timeless Treasure Cultural Tour (15 days)           

The tour opens a complete picture of culture, history, nature and grandiose mountains of Georgia. During this tour we will meet the local people who live and keep different traditions, speak different dialects, but all of them treat with the Georgian hospitality. We will taste many traditional Georgian delicious dishes and have toasts with famous Georgian wines.

Day 1  

Arrival in Tbilisi
Meeting at the airport. Check-in at the hotel.

Day 2  

Tbilisi City Tour
Trinity Cathedral (the 2nd ML); Metekhi Church (13th c.); Old Tbilisi, Sulphur Baths; Narikala Fortress (4th c.); Sioni (13th c.) and Anchiskhati Churches (6th c.). Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia. One of the most amazing exhibits in the museum is the prehistoric human remains found in Dmanisi. These remains date back to more than 1.75 million years and are the oldest sign of human existence outside of Africa. One of the most important collections of the museum is the Gold treasure, which consists of the unique collection of the pre-Christian (3rd ML BC - 4th c. AD) goldsmith pieces.
Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 3  

Tbilisi / Gori / Kutaisi
Drive to Gori. The city was founded by one of the greatest kings of Georgia, David the Builder (1089–1125). Samtavisi is an 11th century Georgian Orthodox cathedral. The first monastery on this place was founded by the Assyrian missionary Isidore in 572 and rebuilt later. Visit the Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori, Georgia is dedicated to the life of the town's most famous son, Joseph Stalin, who became the leader of the Soviet Union. We’ll visit Uplistsikhe, "the lord's fortress" is an ancient rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia. Built on a high rocky left bank of the Mtkvari River, it contains various structures dating from the 2nd ML BC to the Late Middle Ages, and is notable for the unique combination of various styles of rock-cut cultures. The Ateni Sioni Church is an early 7th century Georgian Orthodox church. The next monument is Ubisi Architectural Complex. It consists of a single nave basilica of the 9th century, a three storied dwelling-tower called "sveti" (pillar), and some subsidiary monastic buildings. Visit Bagrati Temple (11th c.; UNESCO Heritage site).
Overnight at the hotel in Kutaisi.

Day 4  

Kutaisi / Martvili / Zugdidi
Tour in and around Kutaisi. Second largest city of Georgia in its west part founded about 40 centuries ago, former capital of the west Georgian Kingdom Colchis, to which is related the myth of Golden Fleece and Argonauts. Gelati Monastery (12th c.; UNESCO Heritage site); Motsameta Monastery Complex (8th-11th c.c.), beautifully situated between the valleys of two rivers near Kutaisi. Sataplia Grotto, where the step-prints of dinosaurs are found. Drive to Samegrelo, enjoy the Abashistskali River Waterfall. Visit Martvili Church of Virgin (7th-14th c.c.). Drive to Zugdidi.
Overnight at the hotel in Zugdidi.

Day 5  

Zugdidi / Mestia
Drive to the direction of Svaneti. En route we visit Enguri Dam with the height of 271 meters (the highest dam of this type in the world). The Dam makes a water-storage reservoir in the picturesque gorges of Samegrelo and Svaneti mountains. It's time to get ready for the most exciting part of the trip - a journey to Svaneti, the region of the highest mountains and glaciers and the most abiding ancient traditions. In Svaneti we visit Latali and Lenjeri single-nave basilicas of the 8th-9th-14th c.c., built by stones without ornamentation, with the interior richly decorated with murals.
Overnight at the guesthouse in Mestia.

Day 6  

Mestia / Ushguli
Laghami Saint George's church (7th-12th c.c.) and Svan dwelling complex. Visits to: The church of St. George in Nakipari (1130 AD) and Ethnographic Museums in Ushguli. Ushguli is considered to be the highest populated place in Europe (2200 m above sea level).
Overnight at the guesthouse in Mestia.

Day 7  

Mestia / Borjomi / Bakuriani
Early in the morning we drive back to Zugdidi to visit Dadiani Palace there. The representatives of Dadiani Dynasty were acquainted with world history, culture latest technical achievements. They were tightly involved in the social events. The Palace keeps 41 000 museum objects. Most of them are unique and invaluable examples of Georgian and foreign art. Drive to Borjomi, famous with its nature and Natural Mineral water springs. Visit the Timotesubani Monastery. The main church is dedicated to the Virgin (12th - 13th c.c.). Drive to Bakuriani, the popular ski resort. The highest mountain of the resort used for skiing is called Mount Kokhta at around 2200 meters (7218 ft.) above the sea level.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8  

Bakuriani / Akhaltsikhe
Drive to Akhaltsikhe region, where the beautiful nature and architectural monuments are blended in harmony: Slesi Castle; Atskuri Fortress (10th-13th c.c.); Sapara Monastery (10th-13th c.c.); Kumurdo (10th c.); Vanis Kvabebi; Chuli Church (14th c.).
Overnight at the guesthouse.

Day 9  

Akhaltsikhe / Vardzia
Today we’ll visit the following monuments: Khertvisi (9th-10th c.c.); Tmogvi (medieval period); Vardzia (12th c.). Vardzia, a rock-hewn complex on the left bank of the river Mtkvari was founded in the 12th -13th c.c., during the reign of Giorgi III and Queen Tamar. Initially planned as a town-fortress, the complex became a well fortified monastery, which had a significant role in political, cultural, educational and spiritual life of the country. In the middle of the complex there is a Church of Assumption, richly decorated with mural painting.
Overnight at the guesthouse in Akhaltsikhe.

Day 10  

Akhaltsikhe / Zarzma / Abastumani
Zarzma (14th c.); Eremchala; Zanavi (medieval period); Okros Tsikhe. Drive to Abastumani National Astrophysical Observatory and observe the planets through the telescope.The Observatory is famous for its researches and investigations of the different astronomical objects and the Earth's atmosphere. Overnight at the guesthouse in Akhaltsikhe.
Overnight at the guesthouse in Akhaltsikhe.

Day 11  

Akhaltsikhe / Shatili
Drive to Khevsureti region. Shatili , the main part of this fantastic fortress-village stands on the rocky outcrop, surrounded by high mountains. Dwelling-towers are built closely to each other, forming a unique defense system - a virtually impregnable wall which creates an impression of a severe and mythical stronghold. The major part of Shatili is stacked with terraces - the roof of one house simultaneously is the yard of another. The tower-houses are connected by wood and stone bridges.
Overnight at the guesthouse.

Day 12  

Shatili / Mutso
Anatori – the ancient burial of the Khevsuri people and afterwards head to the mediaeval fortified village of Mutso. Located at approximate 1,400 meters, the village is actually a unique complex of medieval-to-early modern fortresses and fortified dwellings of stone and mortar which functioned both as a residential area and a fortress guarding the northeastern outskirts of the country. The fortress consists of the terraced structures dominated by flat-roofed dwellings and some 60 towers which cluster together to create a single chain of fortifications.
Overnight at the guesthouse in Shatili.

Day 13  

Shatili / Mtskheta / Sighnaghi
Drive to Kakheti, Wine region. En route sightseeing of Mtskheta (UNESCO Heritage site), an ancient capital of the Georgian Kingdom of Iberia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. Jvari Monastery (6th c.); Svetitskhoveli Cathedral built in the 11th century. Samtavro, the 11th century monastery complex.
Overnight at the hotel in Sighnaghi.

Day 14  

Sighnaghi / Bodbe / Telavi
Sighnaghi town-museum, one of the smallest towns in Georgia. Sighnaghi is famous of wine and traditional carpets. Bodbe Monastery. On June 1, Orthodox Church of Georgia marks the day of St. Nino’s entrance from Cappadocia. Her tomb is still shown at the Bodbe Monastery in Kakheti region. St. Nino has become one of the most venerated saints of the Georgian Orthodox Church and her attribute, a Grapevine cross, is a symbol of Georgian Christianity. Leaving for a beautiful village of Tsinandali. We’ll visit the amazing botanical garden and the Museum of Prince Alexandre Chavchavadze, notable Georgian poet, Wine Cellar and the enoteca with the Collection of the oldest wines. Old and New Shuamta Monasteries (5th -17th c.c.). Shuamta - a complex made up of three churches of different periods. Ikalto Monastery, founded in the 5th century, the largest centre of culture and education at that time. Alaverdi Cathedral (11th c.).
Overnight at the hotel in Telavi.

Day 15  

Telavi / Davit Gareji / Tbilisi / Departure
Visit Gremi, the 16th century architectural monument, the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels in Kakheti. The next monument is the Nekresi Monastery, which represents complex of ecclesiastical buildings and is one of the most important cultural centers of Georgia. David Gareji Monastery is situated deep in semi-desert about 75 km south-east of Tbilisi. The Monasteries were founded in the 6th century by the Christian Father St. David. Walk up to Udabno to explore some of the fine frescos of the 8th-13th c. and cave architecture. The complex includes hundreds of cells, churches, chapels, refectories and living quarters hollowed out of the rock face. The area is also home to protected animal species and evidence of some of the oldest human habitations in the region. Back to Tbilisi. Farewell dinner at the national restaurant with folklore concert.
Transfer to the airport.

  Other details available upon request
  Note: Duration of the tour must be fit to your arrival and departure Flights.
Package Includes:
Airport - Hotel - Airport Transfer
Inland transportation
Tour Guide
Hotel Accommodation (in the cities) Double room
Guest House Accommodation (in the villages)
FB Meal: BLD
1 bottle of mineral water per person per day
Museums Entrance fees
Souvenir gift
CD with trip photos
Leaving party at the National restaurant
Wine tasting
Package Excludes:
Air fare
Single room supplement
Meals except described
Alcoholic beverages
Travel insurance

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