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I just wanted to let you know how much i thoroughly enjoyed the Georgia portion of the trip... more

Большое спасибо за теплый прием, отдельное спасибо... more..

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Enjoy yourself by Riding in Georgia...

Horse-riding holidays offers an exciting variety of horseback riding vacations, tours. Your choice of riding holidays are rated for required riding experience Whether you ride the coast to coast of Black Sea or ride the Highlands of Caucasus Mountains, you will be on a well tried, tested and proven horseback riding holiday.

Riding holidays are about a variety of horses, tack and training styles not likely to be experienced in your local riding environment. The horses you encounter served or still serve functions in many countries including, hard working farmers horses, the horses of hunters, cattle workers, and or in the case of equestrian learning centers. We also offer equestrian learning centers for beginners or advanced riders, endurance rides, winter rides, on sleds and mountain rides, rides for experienced and rides for novices, rides on gaited horses and rides on sleek fast horses. We carefully screen you to get you to the right ride for your level of experience and fitness and you will find a large choice.

Riding are about the quality of Horseback Riding services provided from humble accommodations of a tent. Ultimately service is about an attitude projected by those providing the holiday and it is just as often as not the key ingredient in providing a great holiday. We scrutinize our outfitters and consider that task a major part of our job on your behalf.

Riding holidays are about horseback riding. Riding holidays accurately describes the level of experience you need to enjoy a specific ride, the type of tack and riding style you will encounter and descriptions of the natural conditions you are likely to encounter. We offer specialized for experienced riders only and plenty of locations for wanna try a horse holiday folks. Some rides can accommodate a variety of riding experiences, some cannot.

Riding Tours are about adventure filled environments rich in history, natural beauty, wildlife and cultural realities not experienced in our everyday work world. Some of these environments are quite soft and luxurious while others require work and attitude to endure. Variety is what holidays are about, high mountain horse riding in Georgia Also adventure horse riding vacation.

Concord Travel is about providing you with the ideal choice for your budget, experience level, and window to travel. We are continually on the job of monitoring our rides for client satisfaction including our own level of performance. We have been in business over 2 year and stand ready to provide you with the best holidays, the most accurate descriptions and the most carefully monitored riding holidays in the world.