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Fishing in Gerogia
Fishing in Georgia
Fishing in Georgia
Fishing in Georgia


In ancient times fishing was one of the main ways of getting food for the humans, but
nowadays it represents a perfect  way of distraction.

Leave the bustle of the noisy, dusty cities and stay one-to-one with the fishing-rod, as the picturesque nature, peaceful lapping and successful catch is all you need to forget your everyday problems.

Fishing in Georgia
Fishing in Georgia
Fishing in Georgia
Our specialists in this field of tourism will provide all the necessary information considering the most favorable season, weather and places for the best results.


Fishing is one of the most popular wildlife related activities in Georgia. Fish species include largemouth bass, bream, crappie, catfish, striped bass and hybrid bass. Numerous recreation areas, fishing piers, and bank fishing areas provide ample fishing opportunities. Fisheries habitat improvements include the maintenance of fish attractors and felling trees into water along the shoreline. 

Please Remember…

Whether you are fishing from a boat or from the bank, please remember:

• Be courteous.  Keep a safe distance from swimmers, water skiers, boats, and other people on the shoreline.
• Please keep hold of your trash – it can easily be blown into the water, especially from a moving boat. 

• Please make sure you remove your litter when leaving your fishing area.  Some of the most common litter found in popular fishing spots are drink containers, bait cups, and old fishing line.  Not only are these items unattractive, they can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life.
• Although you may be in a hurry to catch a fish - watch your wake and keep a proper distance  from docks and other structures, swimmers, and other boats.  It’s the law and it is in place for everyone’s safety.

• Do not tie up your boat to buoys or signs.
• Wear a life jacket whether you know how to swim or not and dress appropriately for the weather.  Most people who drown never intended to be in

the water in the first place and drown within 10 – 30

 feet of safety; many of them also knew how to swim. 

We propose you various fishing tours ...