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From earliest times people have been indulged in hunting and even now this activity attracts lots of amateurs. The principle pledge of success in hunting are: attractive landscapes, favorable living conditions and successful hunting. Amazing banks of the Black Sea, rivers and lakes, large forests dispose to hunting tourism.

In Georgia you will find unique landscapes of striking beauty rich of fauna.
In accordance with your desire you can take the trophy back to your country.
Travel Company - Concord Travel offers you to participate in traditional types of hunting. Autumn hunting begins on 28 august and lasts till April. We place at your disposal various option of programs and services.

Services provided: accommodation, transportation, meal FB, guide and interpreter, professional assistance while hunting, all necessary equipment for hunting, licenses, preparing and delivering trophies.

Day 1
Arrival in Tbilisi

Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Tbilisi. (-/-/-)
Day 2   Mtskheta – Tbilisi tour

In the Afternoon we drive to the ancient capital of Georgia, UNESCO heritage sight –Mtskheta. Visit Jvari Monastery (6th c.) and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral built in the 11th century. Lunch in Mtskheta restaurant and drive back to Tbilisi. Visit old part of the city. We will visit the Old Tbilisi Sulfur Baths, Georgian Orthodox and Armenian Gregorian churches, and a Jewish synagogue and a Turkish mosque side by side, reflecting Tbilisi's acceptance and tolerance of different religions. We can also see a recent monument, the Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the Caucasus. Tour includes following sights: Metekhi Church is erected on the cliff, overlooking the Mtkvari River. There is a statue of King Vakhtang Gorgaslani, founder of Tbilisi, in front of the church. The church dates back to the 12th century and has a diverse history, connected with Mongol invasions and political repressions of the Soviet Empire. The colorful Darejani Palace is also situated on the cliff, like the nest of a swallow. The Sulfur Baths are located in Old Tbilisi, on the other side of the river, opposite Darejani Palace. Tbilisi was named after the natural Sulfur springs. Have lunch in Georgian restaurant. The Orthodox Narikala St. Nikolas Church is in the same district. The church is furnished with frescoed portraits of martyrs and scenes from the Bible. It is wrapped in a defensive Narikala fortress, established in the fourth century. We can walk up the stairs of the fortress and overlook Tbilisi. Walk down the path from the hill and on cobbled Leselidze Street, we come across the 13th century Armenian St. George Church and a Jewish synagogue with an elegant facade. On the opposite side of the street is Sioni Church, leading to the bank of the Mtkvari. Here you discover Shardeni Street with its fashionable cozy cafes and art galleries. Walking we will come across the Anchiskhati church, the oldest church in Tbilisi keeping the miraculous icon of Jesus Christ. After the tour we offer visit to Sulfur bath in Tbilisi after which you will fill like newborn after a tiring flight (booking needed in advance and approximate price is USD 20 p/p).

Overnight in Tbilisi. (B/-/-)
Day 3   Tbilisi - Davit Gareji – Bodbe – Sighnaghi

Early in the morning "hunters" will be picked up with jeeps and drive to "Iori Gorges" hunting farm and will join back their families in the evening in Sighnaghi hotel where whole group has overnights. Hunting details are given below. The rest of the group will drive to the desert monastery of David Gareji, one of the most holy places in Georgia, the UNESCO heritage. David Gareji is one of the most important landmarks of Georgia. This site is characterized by a unique combination of historic architecture, prehistoric archaeological sites, rich paleontological fields and important bio-geographical features widely spread within the arid and semiarid landscape of the river Iori plateau. The dozens of cave monasteries decorated with unique frescoes are the best examples of harmonious interaction of man-made structures with the dramatic landscape. They bear the traditional principles of sustainable living and are considered as the masterpieces of Georgian Medieval art. Afterwards drive to famous town of Love – Sighnaghi. Visit Bodbe Monastery on the way. You will have amazing chance to swim in a holy spring of Saint Nino. People believe that water in this spring cure different diseases. Saint Nino brought Christianity to Georgia in 4th Century. Have Sighnaghi tour and free evening to walk cozy streets of Georgian Love town.

Overnight in Sighnaghi. (B/-/-)
Day 4   Sighnaghi – Kvareli - Nekresi – Gremi – Ilia Lake – Sighnaghi

Early in the morning "hunters" are again picked up from the hotels and have whole hunting day, joining the group again in the evening at the hotel. The rest of the group at 09:00 will drive to Kvareli. We will visit wine cellar called "Gvirabi"- tunnel. This unique wine cave represents the tunnel that is cut off in the stone massif of Caucasian mountain range, where yearlong natural temperature is 10-12?C. The length of this construction is 7, 7 Km. After the excursion and wine tasting in Kvareli we will drive to visit two Georgian Monasteries – Nekresi and Gremi. Gremi Monastery the 16th century architectural monument – the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels. Nekresi Monastery complex, located in an amazing nature, the only place where Christians sacrificed to God the pig, because according to ancient legend pigs saved the monastery from invaders. You can rent bicycles on the spot to ride up to the monastery or drive with local minibus and of course if you like to have some walk you can trek to Nekresi monastery complex. Drive to Ilia Lake to have a wonderful evening where everybody can enjoy activates they like: relaxing near the lake, swimming, cycling or walking in a beautiful area. You can also have dinner at one of the best local restaurant with Kakhetian cuisine. Back to the hotel.

Overnight in Sighnaghi. (B/-/-)
Day 5   Sighnaghi – Alaverdi - Nafareuli - Lopota

After breakfast whole group will drive to Alaverdi Monastery which was the highest church before building Tbilisi St. Trinity Church. Architecture of Alaverdi is one of most outstanding examples of Kakhetian and Georgian Architecture. The monastery was founded by the Assyrian monk Joseph (Yoseb, Amba) Alaverdeli, who came from Antioch and settled in Alaverdi and then a small village and former pagan religious center dedicated to the Moon. At the beginning of the 11th century, Kakhetian King Kvirike the Great built a cathedral, today known as Alaverdi Cathedral, in the place of a small church of St. George. At a height of over 55 meters, Alaverdi Cathedral is the second tallest religious building in Georgia, after the recently consecrated Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral. Afterwards drive to Twins Old Cellar. The ancestors of kakhetian man, twins Gia and Gela Gamtkitsulashvili, returned to their base, restored the ancestral wine cellar in Kakheti, village Naphareili, the place where river Lopota joins river Alazani. They cultivated Georgian vine and revived forgotten tradition of making "Bio wine" in clay vessels. The best Kakhetian white and red wines are made in this wine cellar. You will have opportunity to prepare Georgia "Churchxela" with your own hands and see the wonderful vineyard and taste wine from clay jars called "Qvevri", try famous Kakhetian bread "Shoti". Afterwards drive to Lopota Lake where you can spend a nice relaxing day of fishing on the lake. We will have lunch in the restaurant Lopota, by the way you can prepare your cached fish by yourself with the help of local cook. In the evening drive back to hotel.

Overnight in Lopota or in Napareuli (according to the availability and price). (B/-/-)
Day 6   Lopota – Tbilisi

09:00 drive back to Tbilisi. Free day in Tbilisi for shopping.

Overnight in Tbilisi. (B/-/-)
Day 7   Transfer to the airport.

Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel.


  For Falconers           
A professional trainer and falconer will assist you during the tour.