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   Kutaisi Hotels & Guesthouses                               

Hotel Bagrati-1003, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  VIP Hotel Complex Bagrati-1003 in Kutaisi


  Enjoy an abundance of luxurious services and amenities at the "Bagrati-1003" Hotel. Guests are pampered with options for business, relaxation and entertainment.  more...
Hotel Empire, Kutaisi Hotels in Kutaisi

  Hotel Empire in Kutaisi


  Hotel Empire in Kutaisi is located in the Old part of Kutaisi. Hotel offers 25 comfortable rooms, which are equipped with all necessary eqquipments.    more...
Hotel Old City, Kutaisi Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Old City in Kutaisi


  Hotel "Old City" in Kutaisi invites you! Enjoy comfortable numbers, modern design, bar, restaurant, European and Georgian cuisine-which   hotel "Old City" offers   you.    more...
Hotel Aeetes Palace in Kutaisi Hotels in Kutaisi  
  Hotel Aeetes Palace in Kutaisi


  Welcome to Aeëtes Palace Hotel Aeëtes Palace is located in the downtown of Kutaisi, proclaimed city museum area. The name of the hotel is by no way of random choice...   more...
Hotel Aeetes Palace in Kutaisi Hotels in Kutaisi  
  Hotel NNN in Kutaisi


  The hotel “NNN” is located in Kutaisi, not far from the city center, only 2 miles away. From the hotel you can see beautiful and amazing views of the city and nature...   more...
Hotel Imeri, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Imeri in Kutaisi


  Park Hotel "Imeri" is located in Kutaisi City. Hotel yard contains forest recreation with exotic and fulltime green trees and two handmade leaks, which making a special microclimate.  more...
Hotel Imperial, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Imperial in Kutaisi


  Hotel Imperial is located in prestigious district of Kutaisi. Hotel has nine rooms with Euro design, in each room of hotel at your disposal are:   more...
Hotel Imeri, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Tirifi Holiday in Kutaisi


  Hotel Tirifi Holiday is situated in Kutaisi (near district of parliament). It’s an stylish and present-day hotel with a splendid view of the mountains..   more...
Hotel Imeri, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Dzmebi in Kutaisi


  In hotel "Brothers" there is best environment to listen classical music or presence on literary evenings, and have sightseeing of historical places of the city and spend unforgettable time.  more...
Hotel Edemi, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Edemi in Kutaisi


  Hotel "Edemi" is located in the center of Kutaisi. This is a newest hotel in the city, with modern furniture and tasty interior.  more...
Hotel Imperial, Kutaisi   Guesthouses in Kutaisi


  Guesthouse Lali in Kutaisi


  Lali hotel is located between the park of Gabashvili and the temple Bagrati. In a very beautiful place in Kutaisi.   more...
Hotel Alaverdi, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Alaverdi in Kutaisi


  Hotel "Alaverdi" is located in Kutaisi, on the main highway of the West of Georgia. Hotel in built in 2008 and has all the modern-hotel standards.  more...
Hotel Sani, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Sani in Kutaisi


  Hotel "Sani" is located in the center of Kutaisi. There are 16 guest rooms at the hotel. The famous restaurant is a favorite place as for the guests, as well for the Kutaisisans.  more...
Hotel Aia, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Aia in Kutaisi


  This beautiful hotel "Aia" is situated in the heart of Kutaisi. The modern, calm interior, warm and friendly atmosphere give its guests unforgettable impressions..  more...
Hotel Evropa, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Evropa in Kutaisi


  "Evropa" in Kutaisi is a business category standard hotel with a famous restaurant and 18 guest rooms.  more...
Hotel Simoneti, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Simoneti in Kutaisi


  "Hotel “SimoneTi” located on Tbilisi-Kutaisi highway in Terjola district village Qveda Simoneti near the river Kvirila, 213 km distance from Tbilisi and 12 km from Kutaisi.more...
Hotel Gora, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Gora in Kutaisi


  Hotel "Gora" is located in Kutaisi, on the territory of the city museum, between Bagrati Temple and Gabashvilis Forest Park. The Guests enjoy the fascinating view to Kutaisi city from its terrace.   more...
Hotel Gelati, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Gelati in Kutaisi


  Hotel Gelati is a small Guest House which is located in Kutaisi. The hotel has a staff with high experience, personal management structure and comfortable rooms. Hotel is located at 500 m near of city center.  more...
Hotel Beka, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Beka in Kutaisi


  Hotel "Beka" is located in Kutaisi, on the territory of the city museum, between Bagrati Temple and Gabashvilis Forest Park.The Guests enjoy the fascinating view to Kutaisi city from its terrace.  more...
Hotel Zelimkhani, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Zelimkhani in Kutaisi 


  Hotel "Zelimkhani" in Kutaisi have been visited by the travelers from all over the world and became a favorite place for them. There are 14 nice, comfortable and calm guest rooms.  more...
Hotel Lia, Kutaisi   Hotels in Kutaisi


  Hotel Lia in Kutaisi


  Hotel "Lia" is one of the best family type hotels in Kutaisi. The guests are greeted with comfortable surroundings, best services and a private yard. Most important is that it's located near the city center.  more...

Kutaisi is the second big city of Georgia and was the capital city during the 150 years since Xth century up to beginning of XIIth, when Tbilisi was captured by the Arab conquerors.

The mostly interesting is old part of the city laid on right embankment of river Rioni where are 1-2-story buildings with beautiful balconies, hanging over the steep mountains slopes and all these panorama is immersed in greenery. Nearby you will have opportunity to explore amazing medieval architectural monuments: Gelati Church and Academy, Bagrat Cathedral, in which still hold church services. Gelati is under the UNESCO heritage list. Great Kutaisi is the best place for walking; here you can visit State Historical Museum.

The majestic Temple of Bagrati stands proudly above the city, and can be seen from any point. The temple was built in the X-XI centuries, during the reign of King Bagrati III (975-1014). Temple named of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumption was a palace and temple complex, and also served as the cultural and religious center of its era. In the 11th century David the Builder was crowned in the Cathedral, David has united Georgia into a single centralized state. Moldings, tiled floor and walls, fragments of which survived by nowadays, as well as the frescoes of the Blessed Virgin. The bas-reliefs and decoration of the church represent a stunning work of ancient craftsmen.
Motsameta is a beautiful monastery with rounded towers and marquee-shaped domes. The monastery overlooks the river Rioni and is surrounded by lush vegetation. According to ancient legend Muslim invaders executed Georgian princes David and Constantine Mkheidze, cause they retained their Christian faith with cost of own lives. Inside the monastery is stored a large shrine with the relics of saints pious brothers Mkheidze. According to the tradition if you touch the shrine and make your cherished wish the princes David and Constantine will fulfill dreams of believers. In the 19th century, the temple was reconstructed.
Gelati is the great extant monument of Georgian architecture, as well as the center of scientific and educational life of the Middle Ages. The temple and the academy are situated in 11 km distance from Kutaisi. King David the Builder gathered in the center of the Gelati Academy the best scientists of his time, where they have had a rich library.

Upon the higher order of King David in the Gelati Monastery was constructed tomb for the royal family representatives where are buried kings: Demetre I, George III, David the Builder himself. At that period in the monastery was stored such Christian shrines as Khakhuli Icon of the God Mother, which is now in the Georgian State Museum of History and Atskuri Icon of the God Mother, many ancient manuscripts and other valuable relics.
At 5 km from Kutaisi is the cave of Prometheus which length is 1600 m. From this territory you can view a mountain of Khvamli where according to legend was chained Prometheus (in Georgian version Amirani).

Designers from Germany staged in the cave a fabulous show: colored lights, music and even a laser show are the special part of the cave touristic infrastructure. Visit the cave, where year-round constant temperature is + 14 ◦ C is possible only with a guide, as well is provided boating. In the future it is planned to organize speleo-diving, speleo-therapy courses for people with asthma and other types of allergenic diseases.

No less interesting is the cave of Sataplia, here was found still preserved dinosaur tracks.
Cave compared to promethium is not very big, the length is only 300 meters, but very picturesque because of huge stalagmite in the form of a biological heart. The cave is very high humidity and from the ceiling and the floor and hanging tower giant stalactites and stalagmites.

Take a chance and enjoy tour of Kutaisi and its great sightseeings!

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