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Resorts in Azerbaijan


Resorts in, Azerbaijan  

Right along Azerbaijan - Iranian border stretch the Talysh Mountains (the highest peak - Mount Kyomurkyoj ( 2,477 m ) - one of the most exotic areas of the country. There amidst the mountains, in subtropics, stand magnificent broad-leaved forests - the representatives of ancient hyrkan flora. The beautiful green mountainous landscapes cut by gorges with raging rivers, numerous thermal and mineral springs, the purest air and magnificent nature glorify these places as one of the best resorts of the country. Not far from Dzhalilabad there are Arkevan hot mineral water springs. The Talysh Mountains is one of the most beautiful places in Azerbaijan.




Adzhikend is a resort sitting at 1,200 m above the sea level. This is a heavenly spot for tourists: picturesque forests and glades, mineral water springs, the purest mountain air. In the vicinities of Adzhikend there is the most beautiful mountain lake Gek-gjol the territory around which was declared a national reserve.



Yalama-Khachmaz Coast  
Resorts in, Azerbaijan  

Yalama-Hachmaz Coast is one of the most beautiful places of Azerbaijan . Located there are numerous cities and settlements each of which a landmark by itself. Take for example, the city of Hurdalan , one of the settlements which stood on the ancient caravan route. In local caravanserais the merchants halted in the 14th-15th centuries.

The Khachmaz Coast covered with fruit orchards is very picturesque.
In Khudat where the forest touches the edge of the sea coast is Nabran esort center rich in groundwater sources.

In Nabran there is the largest tourist complex "Khazar". There you will enjoy the view of mountain tops, deep gorges, rough rivers, dense forests, a waterfall, the gentle Caspian Sea with impeccable sandy beaches; take a boat trip, ride water skis, dive and simply lie on the beach.



Resorts in, Azerbaijan  

Owing to the unique health-giving mineral - naftalan (therapeutic oil) which is available in vast amounts there, a lot of resorts and clinics have been built in Naftalan.



Resorts in, Azerbaijan  

Nabran is a popular resort and municipality in Khachmaz Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 1,313. The municipality consists of the villages of Nabran, Dalgal, Turist, Mesli, Gunsli, Samurcay, and Simal.

It is located on the Caspian seashore in a forestland. Nabran is a settlement that spreads for several kilometers. Houses, hotels, entertainment facilities and restaurants are located along the left side and the beach is on the right side of the road that runs along the shoreline.



Shikhov Beach    
Resorts in, Azerbaijan  

Shikhov Beach is a resort area just southwest of Baku, Azerbaijan, and adjacent to the Shikhov Cape. Lying on the Caspian Sea coast, it is politically part of the Baku city-subdivision and treated as a suburb. The beach has been a traditional retreat for Baku residents, though the water is polluted by sewage and industrial waste and the view is marred by large oil rigs both in the surrounding land area and offshore. Latitude: 40.3069444°, longitude: 49.8208333°.